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Call for Proposal to support and strengthen the Parliament's Provincial and Municipal Assemblies´ legislative and executive oversight function in Mozambique - Suomen suurlähetystö, Maputo : Ajankohtaista


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Uutiset, 28.1.2016

Note! The call for proposal has been clarified concerning the requirements for the organizations. See the added bold text.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) announces the call to international or national non-governmental , non-profit organization or foundation for a project that will support and strengthen the Parliament's, Provincial and Municipal Assemblies´ legislative and executive oversight function in Mozambique.

General information

This support in development cooperation is a discretionary government transfer and it is to be granted for support to an international or national non-governmental organization's or foundation’s (later referred to as “organization”) project, which will support and strengthen the legislative and executive oversight function of the Parliament, Provincial and Municipal Assemblies in Mozambique. This grant is based on the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfer (688/2001) which is applied in the support procedure and use of the grant. The grant can only be given to an ODA eligible actor. The eligibility is defined under the heading of "Requirements for the organizations and for the project".  The proposal must be consistent with Finland´s Development Policy Programme (2012):

that highlights a Human Rights Based Approach to Development, and the Guidelines for Civil Society in Development Policy:

It should also consider the Strategy of the Mozambican Parliament 2013-2022.

Please note, that the Finland's Development Policy Programme is under revision and the new version is expected to be published during the application period of this Call for Proposal. The candidate is expected to take into consideration the alignments presented in the new Development Policy Programme and respectively adjust the proposal to these.

Recipients of discretionary government transfer will be selected by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.   

Contents of the Proposal                                               

The proposal must consist of

a) an application letter, demonstrating the applicant organization’s eligibility for the state grant as described in this announcement;

b) recommended size of the project document is 20-40 pages +annexes,  including a management structure, results framework, risk analysis and monitoring and evaluation plan; and

c) a detailed budget for 2016-2018 (three years of implementation). 

The format for the project description to be used can be downloaded here:{D9AB5D98-2CE5-4681-9E51-49CCD252C61C}

or requested by email from: pauliina.mulhovo(at)

Requirements for the organizations and for the project:

To be eligible, the applicant organization must be an international or national non-governmental organization or foundation. 

The national or international non-governmental organization or foundation must be registered and legally competent and currently have funding from at least one other source.

Among the organizations that meet the requirements stated above, the Ministry will evaluate and assess the organizations and their applications according to the following criteria: 

The organization must demonstrate past success in similar Parliament, Provincial and Municipal Assemblies support projects, which have preferably been evaluated and good working relations with the Parliament, Provincial and Municipal Assemblies and Government of Mozambique. The organization must have a solid financial management system including regular financial audits, and a reliable monitoring, evaluation and reporting system, including capability to report in English. The organization must have a sufficient infrastructure and human resources in Mozambique to implement activities in the Parliament and several provinces and municipalities and demonstrated experience of working with an international donor.  The Finnish support to the organization should not cover all the costs of the project. The applicant organization must demonstrate that it is capable of starting activities during the second quarter of 2016. 

Partnerships between organizations are allowed.  In case of a partnership, all parties must be international or national non-governmental, non-profit organizations or foundations and the proposal must clearly demonstrate the advantages of such an approach as well as specify the roles and responsibilities of each partner.  Also, it must clearly be stated which of the organizations is the leading partner, bearing the overall responsibility of the implementation and reporting.

The proposal shall

  • Demonstrate a clear and coherent results based and human rights based design and  implementation strategy, with the overall objective to  strengthen the Parliamentary, Provincial and Municipal Assemblies' oversight and legislative function, including in the areas of inclusive growth and natural resource management, especially in the area extractive industry.
  •  Demonstrate how to engage elected representatives and parliamentary technicians in the work of the commissions in overseeing the ways and means by which the natural resource processes are managed effectively, transparently, inclusively and respecting human rights nationally and locally
  •  Have a thorough risk analysis and risk management strategy, as an integral part of the results based management, is required.
  •  Include strengthening the collaboration between the Parliament, and the Provincial and Municipal Assemblies especially in the regions that are directly affected by the use of natural resources.
  • Strengthen networking and information sharing between the academia, civil society and other parliaments internationally.

Amount to be applied and reporting requirements

Financing will be available for the selected proposal with the duration of 3 years in 2016-2018. The maximum amount to be allocated will be 1,5 million EUR, pending on the approval by the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of Finland and annual parliamentary approval in Finland.  The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland will monitor the project and expect a quarterly report on progress and financial execution from the recipient of the grant.  Financial audits must be carried out annually.

Deadline for the Proposal

The proposal must be received by the Embassy of Finland in Maputo no later than 18thof February 2016 at 12:00 hours, in two paper copies and in digital form on a separate disc or a memory stick. The signed proposals are to be sent to the address:  Embassy of Finland, Av. Julius Nyerere 1128 Maputo, Mozambique.

 The submission date and time will be based on the arrival of the paper copies. The proposals submitted after the given deadline will be rejected. In case of discrepancies, the signed original paper copy will be regarded as the principal proposal.


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